Happy New Year!

Yes, I know it is September 1st but it feels like a new year to me!  I have always loved the promise of a new year, the seemingly contrived but nonetheless believable chance at  a clean slate.  But I also hate winter.  It’s dreary and cold and dark and makes me want to burrow, not blossom.

So, I decided to start my new year of wellness today instead.  I’m also incredibly blessed to be spending the months of September and October working from and living in Honolulu, HI.  If you haven’t heard, Hawaii has been voted the country’s happiest and healthiest state six times.  And considering this is the view on my daily walk, I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the start of my wellness journey!

Walk View HI

I am also embarking on the final leg to completing my certification as a Wellness Coaching Specialist.  I have no plan whatsoever on what I will do with it but it’s something I’m super interested in and a personal goal I want to complete.  I have found that coaching classes have benefited by own self discovery as much as given me the tools to help others do the same.

Of course a good new year wouldn’t be the same without some resolutions.  So here are some of mine as I explore this year of wellness.

  1. I will remember that the point of a journey is to enjoy the actual wandering and not just about finding the fastest route to the destination.
  2. I will be a sponge soaking up every last drop of knowledge I can get my hands on, without judgement or prejudice.
  3. I will remember that perfection is the antidote of joy and that my purpose is to merely to find all the barriers within myself that I have built against just being who I was perfectly created to be.

So let’s raise a glass to a Happy New Year!  I wonder if green juice and vodka would taste good together?