My Pre-Resolution Resolution

There are 31 days in December, 31 chances to create something in my life before a new year begins. This time of year signifies a sloughing off in nature. And so in that spirit, I want to take these 31 days to have a sort of exfoliation of my own life.

Yesterday, I reflected on what I felt existed in my life that was no longer serving me. I think we develop habits and rituals for specific reasons, often to protect ourselves from pain or fear. But once we push past these feelings, this is when we re-examine those behaviors and think, why do I do that? It’s in those times that we can choose not to beat ourselves up but gently say that it’s just time to let go of doing this or saying that and move on to new ways of doing and thinking.

After my own reflection, I came up with a few things that I could work on letting go of before the new year.  I decided to focus on just one, mainly because it’s just too hard to change too many things at once.  And I can say 3 days in that it’s already working.

I decided to let go of beating myself up about exercise.  In fact, I am no longer calling it exercise.  That word has baggage for me – – it’s shame-filled and obligation-filled.  And the truth is that moving my body makes me feel great but the word exercise fills me with dread.  So I’ve been calling it movement instead.  Each morning I wake up and think about the day ahead of me and how I am feeling.  And then I envision how I can get more movement into my day.  For example, today I needed to do Christmas shopping, grocery shopping and yard work.  Between those three things, I was on my feet moving for about 3 hours!  If I’d thought about “exercising” for 3 hours, just the thought would have made me pull the covers back over my head.

It’s amazing how simple, seemingly insignificant changes can have such an impact on the way we feel and how we behave.

What’s one simple thing you could work on letting go of before the year’s end?



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